bild Awarness program with Where the Elephant Sleeps Documentary in Jaipur, India - Brigitte Kornetzky

Awarness program with Where the Elephant Sleeps Documentary in Jaipur, India

Brigitte U Kornetzky showed the movie to over twenty schools and colleges in Jaipur and interacted rwith the students.

° City Palace School WTES screening ° St. Edmund`s School WTES screening ° Subodh Airport School and College WTES screening ° ICG International Girls College WTES screening ° Sanskar School WTES screening ° Maharaja Sawai Bhavana Singh School WTES screening ° Paramount Public School WTES screening ° Shanti Asiatic School WTES screening ° Jaipurya Vidhyalaya School and College WTES screening ° Malvyia Convent School WTES screening ° St. Nicolaus School WTES screening ° MGD School WTES screening ° IIS School WTES screening ° WTES screening at TOSS, The OPEN SPACE SOCIETY, Jaipur

All school and college screenings have been conducted with the presence of Brigitte and interaction with the students. 99% of the screenings have been conducted in Jaipur, where the major hub of misuse on elephants is happening due to the demand of the tourism industry and greed and money making owners with illegal rides on Amer Fort. The students were extremly enthusiastic and wanted to help ban the rides. The screenings have been documented with photographs and video. In order to move this forward, a whatsapp group had been set up, namely WTES Jaipur, an exhibition with produced paintings on elephant topics had been conducted at City Palace, named "Euphoria", a survey with questions on elephant welfare had been conducted as well, and 1000 postcards are purchased and will be painted with selected elephant topics and related images and send to the Chief Minister and the Forest Minister of Rajasthan. We have received a meeting with both the officials and have presented our petition together with a letter of solutions. The meeting took about half an hour each. The 1000 Postcard Action as well as the paintings and elephant drawing action turned out to be very beautiful. The most intense and beautiful paintings and drawings will be awarded, and the other artefacts with elephants might be sold in an online-auction beneficiary to cover the travel expenses for school children to Smiling Tusker Elephant Camp in Manas. In Manas the students will learn where the Rajasthan elephants come from and where their homeland is and how it looks like. Accordingly they can easily deduct how much these elephants suffer in the dry heat on asphalt roads in Rajasthan. They will learn about conservational and biodiversity issues in a rich environment where they can see elephants in the wild for the first time in their lives. 

After the screening of the short version we lined up with the teachers for a group picture. Hotel Clarks Amer, with Timmie Kumar, Help in Suffering.

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